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The Chair and the Centre for Studies and Research on Family Health Intervention (CÉRIF), as well as CÉRIF members, have established, both individually and collectively, a longstanding collaboration with clinical practice settings, for research and training purposes. CÉRIF counts on support from decision-makers at their partner health and social services centres (CSSS) in eight regions of Quebec, namely the Outaouais, Laval, Laurentides, Mauricie, Centre du Québec, Lanaudière, Montreal, and Montéregie regions. A relationship of trust has also been developed with healthcare settings, more specifically with the hospital centres (CH), local community service centres (CLSC), the youth centres, and birthing homes. CÉRIF also has close collaborative ties with community organizations in the above-mentioned regions.

Together, these researchers and decision-makers have developed a particularly efficient teamwork process and research infrastructure. This productive association allows them to conduct concurrently several projects on interrelated issues. Representatives from funding partners and collaborating organizations are regularly invited to take part in the Chair’s administration as well as in the research activities it generates.