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Canadian Research Chair

The goal of the Canadian Research Chair in Family Psychosocial Health, directed by Francine de Montigny, is to gain a better understanding of both the psychosocial health of fathers and mothers in the perinatal period and the related determinants (risk and protective factors), and to intervene more effectively, through exemplary professional practices, with respect to fathers and mothers with young children. The research looks at the development paths of fathers and mothers in various contexts of vulnerability, with special attention to men’s health-related behaviour. Mental health, perinatal death, immigration and poverty are examples of the contexts of vulnerability that are studied. At the heart of the Chair’s program is the development of concrete, innovative avenues for consolidating health care for families, as well as for strengthening nurses’ roles with respect to families and within interdisciplinary teams. Moreover, the Chair is a member of the Regroupement pour la Valorisation de la Paternité (Group for the promotion of fatherhood).