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Accompanying men in mourning - Movember project

Three discussion groups bring together 14 fathers were held, bringing together 14 fathers in two regions in Québec. The analysis of this data led to the creation of the "Accompanying men in mourning" training. Three workshop formats, as well as corresponding materials geared towards leading these workshops, were developed. They are 90 minutes, 3 hours or 7 hours. Four day-long workshops were held, as well as a one hour workshop. Close to 100 people have participated. The workshops will be continuing through 2016-2017.

Examples of this include interviews on the radio (ICI Radio-Canada), a web news story, a Facebook story and two texts in IMPACT. Presentations were also given to those responsible for the “perinatal” and “male mental health” portfolios within the ministry of health and social services in Québec as well as the perinatal committee within the Outaouais’ health and social services agency. On May 16th, we shared the best practices towards bereaved men at the Baby Loss Summit in Toronto. In June 2016, during the Quebec Fathers' week, a video "When the storm hits...Bereaved fathers" was launched in three regions of Quebec, attracting more than 120 participants. Discussions on the topic of fathers' experience of the death of their child allowed participants to become aware that fathers grieve too and need specific attention from health professionals. One thousand DVDs, with a booklet describing how to use this document for teaching purposes are being handed out to teaching and health institutions. A free version is available online, for fathers, their families and the general public: The video will also be available with English subtitles in the next few weeks.