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Centre for Studies and Research on Family Health Intervention

The Centre d’études et de recherche en intervention familiale (CERIF – Centre for Studies and Research on Family Health Intervention) targets the development of innovative practices and programs respecting families. Under the direction of Professor Francine de Montigny, this university research centre promotes family unity and facilitates parent-child relations. The CERIF team focuses in particular on four contexts of family life: the period surrounding the birth of a child, the mental and physical health of parents and their children, immigration and the death of a child. Lack of social support for parents, parents’ ages and socio-economic status are also studied.

Located at the Université du Québec en Outaouais, CERIF’s mission is to improve families’ quality of life by collaborating with partner milieus. The purpose of the Centre’s research is to (1) better understand families, health experiences in order to (2) develop, implement and evaluate innovative psychosocial health promotion and problem prevention programs and practices for families.