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Groupes de recherche affiliés

The Centre for Studies and Research on Family Health Intervention (CÉRIF) relies on the support of affiliated research groups. These groups provide a venue for collegial exchange on issues, concerns, and developments within the field of research. Here are the research groups affiliated with CÉRIF:

·     Le Groupe de recherche et d’intervention sur la négligence (GRIN);

·     Le Centre d’études interdisciplinaires sur le développement de l’enfant et sa famille (CEIDEF);

·     Le Groupe de recherche et d’action sur la victimisation des enfants (Grave);

·     The Research Group on Children’s Health (Ribeiroa Preto);

·     The Study and Research Group in Family, Nursing and Health (GEPEFES/FURG);

·     The Laboratory of Socio-environmental Process Studies and Collective Production of Health (LAMSA/FURG); and

·     The Masculinities and Societies research group.