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Tornar-se pai: modelo da experiência dos pais em período pós-natal


Perceiving oneself as parent is a key challenge during the transition to parenthood. The importance of health professionals in determining perceived efficacy in parents upon the birth of their child is few explored. The objective of this study is to analayze the relations between the first time parents’ perceived efficacy and their perceptions of nurses’ help-giving and critical events during post-partum period. Sample and Method: One hundred sixty couples participated in a correlational study by completing questionaires after the birth of their first child. Results: A model of parents’ postpartum experience was established where nurses’ collaboration and help-giving practices contribute directly and indirectly to the parents’ perception of control and perceptions of events. They contribute indirectly to parent’s perceived self-efficacy. Implications: The help given by health professionals, especially nurses, to parents following the birth of a child makes a major positive difference in the parents’ experiences.